Hospitality innovation studio.  Access startups built on your needs.

Vivaio is a startup studio focused on bringing innovation to the hospitality industry by providing easy access to latest technologies to all those businesses that would not be able on their own.

headache free.

Bringing innovation to your operations it is not an easy task and we know it. You are asked to run your day to day business with all the challanges that already this carries and at the same time you need to be up to date with what is happening around you and find new ways to deliver services to your customers.

Big companies have the budget to integrate a technology department with in their structure, but there is an easier, more effective and budget friendly way. Have you ever tought about looking into adding startups to grow and improve your technology stack? If so, do not look farther. Become one of our partners and start innovate today.

Making access to innovation easy.

 We build awesome startups by partnering up with the industry leaders in hospitality and match them with our pool of startup trained talent to build awesome products and great spin-off companies. Vivaio act as an innovation consultant and technology scouting team for those hospitality companies that can not afford the cost of ongoing innovation but know that the industry is rapidly changing and they can not stay behind.

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See which one of our startups solves your problems or add value to your customers.


Add their services and products to your company technology stack.

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Don’t worry.


If you don’t find the solution you are looking for in our portfolio. Simply tell us about your challenge.


We run innovation calls to the startup community and our pool of talent to adress your need.


Once we identify the idea that can help you, we support the entrepreneur by developing together the prodcut.


Now you are ready to add their services and products to your company technology stack.


We want you to focus on running your business.

Growing startups selection

Fast access to unlimited products and ideas. 

Zero project managment

We take care of the managment.

Affordable innovation

Share the cost of developing great technology.

Equity in the startup

Obtain equity in each startup you integrate in your business.

Start innovating today

No need  to build your innovation department.

Fast ROI

The return on investment starts as early as when you adopt the technology.

Our family.

We are growing our family with awesome partners like you, eager to innovate. Are you hungry? 


  • Access to portfolio startups

  • 1 Dedicated innovations call*

  • Pay per integration**

  • No Equity in the Startup***

  • Quartly updates


  • Access to portfolio startups

  • 3 Dedicated innovations calls*

  • 50% discount per integration**

  • No Equity in the Startup***

  • Monthly updates


  • Access to portfolio startups***

  • 5 Dedicated innovations calls*

  • 1 Free 50% discount per integrations**

  • Equity in the Startup***

  • Monthly updates

* Innovation calls are special events that are hold specificaly to solve a partner problem and from which a brand new product and relative startup is born.
** Each integration has a cost base on the actual product that the startup is providing and it may vary depending on the specific prodcut.
*** On the startups built from a dedicated innovation call the partner has the rights to 5% equity of the startup borned form such event.